Brand Identity | NOMAD Marine Repairs

Hey friends, I’m really excited to share some brand identity work I recently completed for my client, NOMAD Marine Repairs. As a boater myself, having the opportunity to work on a project related to something I personally love has been a dream. My client changed the name of his business last year, so I was able to build out the brand identity from scratch and here’s final logo design we went with.

Brand Identity | NOMAD Marine Repairs

My idea behind incorporating the life-ring in place of the O in NOMAD was simple. If you have a boat, a trusted mechanic is essentially your “life-line” when it comes to your boats health and safety. So, this subtle switch out enabled me to illustrate that whilst also drawing on the nautical theme. Another benefit of it’s usage is the fact the life-ring can stand alone as a simple icon throughout my clients branding as needed. Bonus! Gotta love when that happens huh?

The design work for this particular project doesn’t end here. Now that the logo is finalised, the next phase is to build out the website which I’ve already begun (the image below may be a sneak peek of what’s to come). So, you can expect to see more of my work for this client in the very near future. Stay tuned folks!

Brand Identity | NOMAD Marine Repairs

Photography © Superfamous

Digital Detox


Image + Hand Lettering Copyright A Pair of Pears.

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve recently reduced the amount of time I’m spending online. It had to happen. For the most part, it wasn’t productive and often just led me down into the risky waters of comparison. It goes without saying, if you’re constantly plugged in to what others are doing, you essentially unplug from yourself. Priority issue there huh?

So yes, it was time to tip the scale back in my favour and reduce the digital noise. Distractions are just a click away and I needed to turn the focus back on myself, my business and those around me. Here are a few of the steps I’ve taken so far.

I’ve finally purged all push notifications (okay, everything except the Gmail mail checker in Chrome on my desktop). All they did was disrupt my concentration – constantly! Did I really need to be alerted as soon as someone tweeted me, liked my Facebook page or a photo on Instagram? Nope.

This has nothing to do with not appreciating those interactions with others, because I do, but they were constantly breaking my focus and taking me away from being present (something I’m working on this year!). Plus, I had multiple devices alerting me concurrently and I was ready to throw them all out of the window when they alerted me within seconds of each other. So I figured it was time to save my devices and my sanity!

Many of the emails that show up my Inbox never need my immediate attention and I’m sure this is true for most of us. These emails now get filtered into folders and never show up in my main Inbox and I never receive an alert for them. The folders are visible when I have Gmail open, so I know when I have unread emails and I just check them out when I want to. Best thing I ever did!

I also only have one email account feeding into my iPhone and iPad. I’ve accumulated multiple email addresses throughout the years, but I just check the less active ones manually here and there.

While there was a lot of awesome content in there, it was just an excuse to “fuck the dog” far too much. One post lead to another and well, you know the rest. I was spending way too much time reading about other peoples lives, looking at work other people were designing or reading articles about how I should do this or that, and it was taking me away from actually ya know, doing.

Besides, as I follow a few of the sites I was subscribed to in other ways, I see when a new post is available anyway. And now that I’m managing my inbox better, I’m plan on subscribing to more blogs via email (so make sure you have that option available) so that I can read them in my down time.

I know I could of of kept the subscriptions in there and simply not logged in, but I’m just not that disciplined. If I have a carrot in dangling in front of me, I’ll usually take it. So, I dumped the carrot. Simple.

The results so far?

My digital detox will continue over the coming weeks but for now this is a good start and it’s working. As I’ve already said, my productivity and focus levels are super high these days, however I’ve also noticed that I am feeling far more creative too. I’m sure this is due (to some extent) to the fact I’m absorbing less “inspiration” on a daily basis. I back relying on my gut, worrying less about what others are doing and I just feel more confident all round in the decisions I’m making. Works for me!

What about you? In need of a digital detox? I’m sure if you look at your online activity closely enough and be honest with yourself about where you’re bombing valuable time, it wouldn’t hurt. Even just a little.

Getting shit done

Since writing out my to-do list for Spring, I’ve been working away like a mad woman (most days) to get things done around here and my productivity and focus levels have been high. As a result, not only have I struck off items on my list, but other major updates have been happening behind the scenes and on dellie. Holla!

If you check out my list as it stands today, you’ll see I’ve been slacking a wee bit on the life column. Normally this would eat away at me (okay, it does just a little) but as I’ve made major progress elsewhere, I’m trying to cut myself some slack. You can check out some of things I’ve been up to below.

Getting Shit Done

Getting this page live was a huge priority. When you first visited my site, it wasn’t obvious that I actually a graphic designer who offered design services to fellow entrepreneurs and business owners. HELLO! Major problem there don’t you think? This issue is now resolved and my work with me page is officially live.

More information will be added to this page, such as my typical workflow for projects, but as I’m currently working on streamlining this process (as well as trying out potential online apps to make it more efficient), this will be added later. For now, I’m just thrilled to have phase one of the page complete.

When design inquiries first land in my inbox, it’s typical for many emails to fly back and forth as the initial requirements for a project are gathered. This really isn’t efficient for anyone involved and details can easily get overlooked in the email thread. Not good!

So, setting up project planner was another huge priority in order to streamline this process. I’ve had a downloadable PDF version of my project planner live for a few weeks but I’m stoked to finally have a online version too. Of course, the project planner doesn’t cover all the questions asked before providing a client with a quote (I’m sure I’ll add a few more over time), however I’m hoping that with these questions answered up front, the amount of emails in the inquiry phase can be reduced.

Streamlining the project inquiry phase doesn’t end here. Now I want to develop a more proficient way to nail down the deliverables for each project so that I can provide a more accurate (and faster!) quote. For me, doing this through an email thread can be a complete nightmare. So I’ll likely set up various Google docs that allow the conversation between potential clients and I to be continued in a more manageable manner.

The most important step right now is to keep this momentum going. The weight of Winter has finally lifted off my shoulders and I have a renewed energy that I wish I could bottle up for the days when it’s low. Can you imagine that? One thing I’ve done is reduce the amount of time I spend online (and where). I know I’m stating the obvious here but it’s spiked my productivity, reigned in my focus and I’m having way more fun. I’m sure if I dig around to see where else I’m tanking valuable time, I’ll be able to find other ways to make my days even more productive. Either way, I’m getting shit done and I’m excited to see what’s on the horizon for me and dellie.

What about you? Killing your to-do list too?

Whose story are you telling?


One of the biggest hurdles we all face these days is overcoming the comparison trap. With constant reminders of how others are living their lives or running their businesses, it’s easy to fall down the rabbit hole of comparing ourselves to others. The further we fall, the further we stray from our true selves and essentially, our own story.

Sometimes, without even realizing it, you become so influenced by others that you make the mistake of trying to tell their story or possibly a combination of multiple stories. You’ve compared yourself to others so much that even though you’ve changed a sentence here or there, or perhaps even a chapter or two, the core of your story is still someone else’s.

For a while, the story will excite you and you’ll be fully committed to reaching the end. You may even have grand plans for the follow up book. Eventually though, the eagerness to write the next page and figure out what happens next will lessen. You’ll lose your spark. You’ll disconnect from the storyline and characters that once had your full attention and it’s likely you’ll go on the hunt for another story to fire you up again.

Guess what? You’re about to slip further down the rabbit hole of comparison.

All the time you spend comparing your story to others can easily make you question, and ultimately lose confidence, in your own. Of course, it’s likely you’ll have a similar story to someone else, but there will be twists and turns that make it uniquely yours. And while great things can happen when you allow others to help define your story, if their influence changes it so much that you no longer recognize or feel connected to it, you’re back standing on the edge of the rabbit hole. You’re back searching for the “hook” that will be the core of your story. But guess what?

That “hook” you’re searching for to define your story is you and the influence your story can have on others.

How do I know this? Because I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of comparison myself. Repeatedly. But now I’m learning to silence the noise and all the influences that make me question whether my story is good enough. Of course, I still stand on the edge of the rabbit hole once in a while, but I also remind myself that jumping down it is optional.

Trust me, there’s a story within you just screaming to be written. That story will naturally fuel you and light you up. Don’t worry if you don’t have the full outline just yet, it’ll come. Once you just start writing and figuring out your own twists and turns, you’ll discover a voice that you can’t ignore. That’s the voice that will help you write your own unique story that needs to be shared with others. Sure, there might be edits (huge ones) along the way but your story will eventually surface so just keep fucking writing.

So tell me, whose story are you really telling? Someone else’s or your own? Just something to think about.

Artwork copyright Jane Mount.

Holly Sharpe

Back in January when I jumped on my painting kick, I became a little obsessed searching online for artists whose work I found inspiring. One of the artists I discovered and immediately obsessed over was Holly Sharpe. While her work is bold and vibrant there is also a delicate, ethereal touch to it that I simply love.

Needless to say, I couldn’t resist buying some of Holly’s work to brighten up my walls. I picked up Lost and Sublime. Both are available in various print sizes but I went with the greeting card option as I had quite a few empty 5×7 frames laying around in need of use. They fit perfectly and look so stunning framed.

Lost - Holly Sharpe holly-sharpe-02

I’m quite sure I’ll add one or two more pieces over time. I’m already eyeing up Daze but with so many to love, along with the new work Holly has been adding to her shop, it’s tough to decide what to get next. Ahh… decisions, decisions.

Tell me, what’s your favourite piece from Holly’s shop? Don’t you just love her work? I do.

Holly Sharpe - Daze

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Artwork copyright Holly Sharpe.