I’m breaking my silence over here to share a logo design I recently completed for Sophie of Playle Editorial Services. This project was finalized in late Spring, but I had to keep it under wraps while Sophie went to work on incorporating the new logo design throughout the rest of her business. Sophie revealed her new look this week and I’m thrilled I can finally share her logo with you.

Playle Editorial Services - Logo Design

As you can see, I removed the crossbar on the A within Playle. While knocking out elements on letters is popular right now, there is a practical reason I did this beyond a pure aesthetic purpose. As Sophie’s business name suggests, her core offering is editorial services. So those that are familiar with markup symbols will recognize that the A now represents the symbol for ‘insert’ used throughout the editing world. A subtle switch out that is not only visually appealing but an appropriate and relevant nod to Sophie’s industry.

Playle Editorial Services - Brand Guidelines

On completion of this project, I armed Sophie with a brand guideline to help her build upon the new logo. Using that, she went on to independently re-design and develop her website. She launched the new website this week and I think she did a fantastic job. Congratulations Sophie!

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  • Beautiful. Love that yellow too!!

    Allie Lehman      Reply
    • Thanks so much Allie. And yes, I love the yellow too.

      dellie      Reply

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