The past few weeks (heck, months!) have been a bit of a blur. Life was often moving at a faster pace than I could keep up with. As a result, the simple pleasure of taking the time to truly enjoy the small things sadly fell to the wayside. Not every moment, but certainly enough to make me notice.

Clearly it’s time to make a conscious effort to slow things down around here. So, as we enter the first weekend of the new year, I decided to write myself a list of some of the small things I will enjoy this weekend.

A snowy walk

The temperatures have been brutal here the past few days. I’m talking -25 degrees with wind chill people! Thankfully, the forecast for Sunday is a little more favourable (-4 degrees feels like a luxury at this point) and includes lots of fresh snow. So, I will throw on some warm outdoor gear, grab my dogs and spend a few hours outdoors taking in the simple enjoyment that is (for me) walking in the middle of a snowfall.

No distractions

Lately, I’ve been planted in front of some kind of screen constantly and my ability to “turn off” (other than when sleeping) has been reduced to zero. If I’m not sat in my office working away on my iMac, I’m laid in bed on my iPad. You know the drill. So, as needed, I’ll be turning off all distractions throughout the weekend, And I’m talking about all the way off! You and I both know those messages on your screen, even without a noise alert, catch your attention and pull you in. It can all wait until later. Instead, I’m going to enjoy some good food, a movie (or two) and the simple pleasure of just being home.

Fresh cut flowers

I rarely have fresh cut flowers around my home. And by rarely, I’m talking a few times a year. Such a shame huh? One reason is because I suck at flower arranging (I told you I was a perfectionist). Another reason is because I quickly forget the impact and warmth a simple vase of flowers bring to a room. So, this weekend, I will buy myself some beautiful fresh cut flowers and enjoy their beauty for days to come.

Small Things

Your turn. What simple things will you enjoy this weekend?

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  • A great reminder I need to unplug more often…this time away from it all while sick has been surprisingly refreshing.

    susan      Reply
    • I don’t do it enough even though I know how refreshing it is when we do. Need to work on that!

      dellie      Reply
  • i’ve been wondering myself how to make life slow down, and you’re right….it just takes a conscious effort. thanks for the reminder! ;)

    Whitney Johnson      Reply
    • Hey Whitney! You’re welcome. I think I’m going to need this reminder constantly for a while. I really need to work on “being in the moment” and letting “the other stuff” just simply wait*. It’s not going anywhere after all. :)

      * or sometimes just letting it go all together!

      dellie      Reply

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