In general, I don’t mind the Winter months. Throughout this time of the year, I fully welcome the chance to hibernate and enjoy all the comfort a warm home brings. Add to this lots of beautiful snowfalls and I’m pretty much in heaven. However, let’s face it, Winter can suck the life out of you too and feel incredibly long. I’m definitely feeling the latter as of late.

Over the past week, the temperatures have been dropping quite drastically. Even though I’ve been living in Canada for over 15 years now, this still comes as a bit of shock to my system each year. The last few days have been around -20 to -30 and it’s not going up much any time soon. As you can imagine, being outside isn’t much fun at all. Trips outdoors have been pretty short and only done when necessary.

Winter Blahs + Cabin Fever

As a result, a mixture of the Winter blahs and cabin fever has set in and my creativity, motivation and general mood has taken a bit of a dive. When you feel stuck at home (or stuck in general I suppose), it’s easy to get locked inside your own head isn’t it? Often a dangerous place to be if you ask me. You doubt yourself. You question everything. You feel isolated. Everything just feels “meh”. You know the drill. Admittedly, I can feel this way any time throughout the year but it always tends to feel slightly worse during the Winter don’t you think?

Winter Blahs + Cabin Fever

Of course, it’s not all doom and gloom. These feelings are coming in waves and I’m just trying to ride them out. One thing I’ve been doing to make things (and myself) feel more cheerful around here is buying plants. I already had quite a few but this week I picked up a snake, jade and goldfish plant to add to the collection. The hit of green is refreshing and a much needed reminder that Spring isn’t too far away.

What about you? Suffering from a case of Winter blahs? Cabin fever? If so, what tricks do you have up your sleeve to snap yourself out of it?

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  • I’m inspired by cooler weather but I can imagine being in the negative twenties and thirties would change my mind quickly. Hopefully it starts to warm up soon. It sucks being stuck in a creative rut!

    Angel Y.      Reply
    • Hey Angel, creative ruts do suck! Thankfully it lifted a few days later. Phew!

      dellie      Reply
  • If I am stuck in a creative rut I start painting still life- but I have another friend who draws pictures of bugs. :) Its snowing here and I am so ready for summer time and summer sunshine!

    Erika Lee Sears      Reply
    • Hi Erika, thankfully the creative blahs have lifted. I’m sure it’s no coincidence it occurred once we got nicer temperatures. Things are a bit more bearable now (most days!). I’ve been dreaming of Summer too. Love Summer days. At least Spring isn’t too far away now! Hope to see you again.

      dellie      Reply
  • Ugh, I totally understand the winter blahs! I get them every year and am also no stranger to extreme cold temps! I grew up in Central Minnesota and now live elsewhere in the Midwest and winter is just seeming to last forever. Love your plants! I also try to stay as active as I can and actually use my gym membership in the wintertime.

    Traci      Reply
    • Hello Traci, good for you when it comes to working out. I’ve been slacking in a major way in that department. It sure does help though. Hopefully your Winter blahs have lifted a little. They have over here. Thanks for stopping by and I hope I’ll see you again!

      dellie      Reply
  • Am I ever-we’ve been without power for almost 4 days now, camping out at my parents house. Serious cabin fever over here, ugh! Blog reading + connecting with others certainly helps me…;)

    susan      Reply
    • I hope you’re back home soon Susan. I’d be going bonkers. Hopefully the temperatures aren’t too bad you can at least get outdoors for some space. :)

      dellie      Reply
  • Thank you so much for this post. i’ve been feeling stuck and just wanting winter to go away as well lately. everybody is starting new projects and I just want to sleep and watch TV all day (and still seize the day – does that make sense?). I’m slowly starting to get productive again though and it feels great!

    I also got some indoor plants lately and it has definitely made a change, can’t wait to get more:)

    Hanna      Reply
    • Hi Hanna, I think January is a tough month for most people (especially if they live in colder locations) so it makes sense that your motivation is low right now. But, I’m happy to hear your getting back into productive mode. Me too. Hopefully the January blahs are in the past for us both. I got more plants this weekend. :)

      dellie      Reply
  • I’m about to get some more indoor plants, to help me through these bleak months! It really does make a difference to see that spot of green around the house…

    Kevin | Thou Swell      Reply
    • It sure does Kevin. I got more this weekend! Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you again. :)

      dellie      Reply
  • I think it’s especially easy to fall into the ‘blahs’ when you work at home too. Not enough pushing you to get outside. It’s summer here for us in New Zealand, but I think it’s fairly easy to get this at any time of the year – especially if you do so much work inside while it’s sunny out and you just feel like you’re living in a cave (aka. our apartment haha). I just try to get outside as much as possible – even in the colder months, maybe go work from a cafe for a day or go for a walk in the cold. :)

    Danelle      Reply
    • I agree Danelle, getting outside is important. Like I said, it’s easy to feel isolated so getting out and about (even if its just to run errands) can make you feel part of society again. Ha! Working from coffee shops is a good one too. For me, it all depends on what I’m working on (when it comes to design I need my iMac!) but I really should force myself to do some work outside of the home more often. I think I’ll plan out next week better and set aside an afternoon or two to do just that!

      dellie      Reply
  • You’re going to think I’m crazy, but I’m actually experiencing the opposite in Los Angeles. It’s July in January here right now, and I have the “winter” blahs because all I want is snow :)

    Ana      Reply
    • Ha, I don’t think you’re crazy at all Ana. I absolutely love the snow. Sadly we haven’t had much of it this year so it makes Winter a little less pleasant. Hope to see you again. :)

      dellie      Reply

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