Over 2 months have passed since I last updated my blog. I didn’t intend to fall off the blogging bandwagon but I had a rather annoying visitor staying with me – writer’s block. Major writer’s block. Despite the fact I have a document outlining topics I’d like to eventually write about, words have consistently failed me and they continue to do so. It’s pretty frustrating.

To be honest, writing has been a constant struggle for quite some time now. I’ve battled with writer’s block before (haven’t we all?) but it’s never lasted this long (I’m talking for well over a year or more!). No matter what, somehow I was always able to steer myself back into that writing groove we all love to find ourselves in. Sadly, that groove has gone AWOL on me but rather than sit here wishing it would return, it’s time to set out to find it again. It isn’t coming back voluntarily that’s for sure!

To some extent, this struggle has been largely fueled by perfectionism (along with a dose of comparison to other bloggers). I’m sure you’ve been there yourself. We tell ourselves that our words aren’t good enough. We tell ourselves that the topics of our blog posts aren’t good enough. We tell ourselves that the photos within our posts aren’t good enough. When you find yourself stuck in this rut, nothing feels good enough! Does this all sound familiar? It’s a vicious circle that over time eventually silences us and before we know it, all the thoughts and ideas we have are just being blown around in the wind failing to land anywhere solid to root themselves.

Writer's Block

Clearly I’m not an expert in overcoming writer’s block, however, I do know that NOT writing at all is certainly not the solution. So here I am, writing away with the intention of continuing to do so despite the struggle. I’ll try not to obsess over each sentence or spend hours trying to take (or find) the perfect photo for each post. Instead, I’ll simply trust that over time writing will get easier and that groove I miss will eventually return. What do I have to lose?

Of course, I haven’t been sat twiddling my thumbs over the past 2 months waiting for writing inspiration to strike. Thankfully, my creativity elsewhere has been flowing in my favour and I’ve been working with new design clients, enjoying life beyond the screen and spending weekends living aboard our boat on Toronto Island (you can view some scenes from that on my Instagram feed if you like). However, despite all of this good stuff going on in my life, I’ve constantly missed writing and blogging so hopefully this post is a step in the right direction to fire up my writing mojo again. Time will tell.

What about you? Got a bout of writer’s block you’re struggling to overcome? Or perhaps you have some tricks up your sleeve to help find that writing groove again? Either way, share your thoughts in the comments and let’s talk.

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  • Thank you for sharing this post, I have certainly been there and can empathise with the bad habit of comparing yourself to others. I love the quote ‘comparison is the thief of joy’ – it’s true, put it on a post-it on the wall behind your computer as a reminder! It’s ok to not have anything to say sometimes, personally I’d rather read an occasional post that’s open and honest than a dozen regular posts that are poorly considered or written!

    natasha      Reply
    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts Natasha. I’m with on preferring to read occasional posts that are top notch vs “fluff” simply shared to fill the silence. As bloggers I think we put this unnecessary pressure on ourselves to be posting regularly. Often that just backfires on us when we realize we’ve been sharing posts we aren’t super proud of and the desire to blog decreases even more.

      I love that quote too. Always a good one to remember. It’s so easy to fall into the comparison these days!

      dellie      Reply
  • i think just being this open and honest about it to yourself and writing when you don’t really feel as if you have anything to write about is a step in the right direction…we are all our own worst enemies. just clicking that publish button is an accomplishment ;)

    kristen      Reply
    • Thank you so much for your words Kristen. Hitting the publish button certainly does feel like an accomplishment, especially during those times when writing is hard. I may have done a happy dance when this post finally went live. :) And yes, we are often our own worst enemies. Why are we so hard on ourselves? Time to reign that in.

      dellie      Reply
  • Also just read this and thought it might help. :) Love the universe’s timing! http://www.alexandrafranzen.com/2014/06/04/just-the-right-words/

    Erica Midkiff      Reply
    • Thanks for sharing this Erica. What a great post. It’s so true that the words we share can often impact others in ways we never imagined. It’s certainly happened to me when I’ve read the words of others just when I needed them. Such a great reminder to put ourselves (and words) out there and quit holding back so much.

      dellie      Reply
  • Hey there! I also struggle with the perfectionism side of things, feeling like nothing I have to say could add to an already content-saturated world. But the truth is, what you have to say (and what I have to say) is going to be different because no one else has our exact combination of wisdom, experiences, and opinions!

    I hate it when people post links to their own blog in comments, but I’m going to do it anyway because I recently wrote something that MAYBE could help. I’m going to go ahead and post the link because (1) I feel like we’ve been online friends long enough that you know I’m not here to drive traffic to my site and (2) I would just retype most of this anyway in an attempt to help. So if you’re interested, check this out. http://www.ericamidkiff.com/blog/layers

    I hope things get easier…I feel for you, friend.

    Erica Midkiff      Reply

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